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Improving Your Metabolism: Lifestyle and Exercise If you're looking to lose fat, the first (and most effective) place to start is with your metabolism. Far too often, people place more emphasis on restricting calories when they should be focusing on conditioning their bodies to burn fat more efficiently. It is also important to focus on exercise activity and rest.


Eat Smaller Meals
Just the act of eating and digesting burns calories. So eating frequent small meals keeps your metabolism burning fat. Unfortunately, most of us have been raised to eat three meals a day, progressing from a small breakfast (if at all), to a medium-sized lunch, then a large dinner with dessert. We've been taught that snacking is bad and will ruin our appetites. In truth, studies show that those who eat four to six smaller meals per day have less body fat than those eating two or three meals a day, even though both groups ate about the same amount of calories.


Eating only three times a day requires us to go too long between meals. By the time lunch or dinner rolls around, we are so hungry we lose control and make unwise food choices. Having small, healthful snacks between meals not only prevents you from gorging, it increases your metabolism and helps you feel energized and satisfied.

Fat cells can actually adapt to a pattern of large, infrequent meals by becoming more efficient at storing fat. In addition, a two-to-three-meal-a-day pattern can trick the body into thinking it's in a starvation mode. This initiates a slow-down of your resting metabolic rate -- less fat burned.




Everything is in a constant state of movement. Inanimate objects aren't really inanimate. Even the walls around you are moving. They are just vibrating at such a rapid speed they appear to be solid.

Nothing stays the same. And fear of change is not going to do you any good. It only holds you back from "possibility."

Think about that for a second…if you are concentrating on your fear of change, and hoping everything stays as it is (your job, your marriage, your children, your finances), how can you be a joyful part of the transformation to a higher state of existence?


Change is like surfing. You can't just paddle into life, stand still and expect to stay on top of your board. The waves of change will knock you off and drag you under. You have to shift on your surfboard, bend your knees and balance yourself, depending on which way the waves take you.

Some people welcome change and then there are those who hate change. But the fact is that everything must change, so why not make change a priority before it becomes a priority.

We are where we are because of the way we think, want to change where we are then we must change our way of thinking. We are products of our thoughts, our thoughts produce our choices and our choices determine our destiny. If we change our thoughts we can change our world.


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The birth of freedom lies in 2 words “I WILL
The moment you seriously put your mind into changing and believe that the outcome is already achieved, you are victorious.